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Micronzone is committed to continually pursuing small but bold pricing and value creation and improving the market. Micron is a small unit used to measure microbial size.

Since its inception, today's Micronzone Store products have been key to our commitment to leading price, product and solution innovations in the micronzone aspirations that inspire local stores to create better markets with richer digital experiences. give.

The basic principle that defines Micronzone's future vision is "inspiration for the market, creating new price."

Micronzone will make the price of products that everyone is interested in and expects. Micronzone prides itself on selling products to the world with its amazing ability to create good prices.

Market products are unique games that are purchased directly by retailers rather than in-game items or vouchers, and are easily provided in digital code format for direct registration and downloading on online gaming platforms such as Steam, Origin, Battle.net, and Rockstar.

Everything happens automatically, so there's no delay and you can see it in your account and email right away. By technically tracking when and where someone last used it, we were able to provide fast customer support and lift the purchase satisfaction to the peak.

To explore new business areas such as digital content, Micronzone is ready to welcome new challenges and opportunities.

Micronzone will build new professional services on the basis of our accomplishments to strengthen our competitiveness and continue our history.

Good price, good product

Thank you to our online store customers worldwide. Everyone is happy ecommerce!


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