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Hours of Operation

Store items do not need to be shipped digitally and are available 24 hours a day after purchase. Others are processed as quickly as possible by the person in charge.


At the Micronzone Store, you can sign up with just a simple email address and get all the features you need.

Privacy Policy

You can enter your shipping address by payment method at the time of payment, but in this case, it is protected by Privacy Act and Micronzone Store does not use personal information for any other purpose.


Order Status

If you follow the step-by-step instructions when you place an order, anyone can easily complete the order. After placing your order, you can view the status of your order in my account, which appears in the top right corner of the store, and save the receipt as a PDF or print it out.

Shipping (How download codes work)

You’ll instantly receive a download code, which you’ll redeem directly on your console or online through your console’s website. This code will be stored in Your Games Library (Order View) on Micronzone if you need to access it later.


Return Policy & Instructions

All items purchased from the store can be returned / refunded / exchanged within 14 days via inquiry.


If there is a problem with the item, you can return it 100% through the inquiry within 14 days.


Refunds in the micron zone will occur within one day, and depending on the payment method, it may take a few days for the refund to be processed by the buyer.


If there is a problem with the purchased item, we will replace it with another code immediately.


Payment Options

Micronzone accepts the following forms of payment for online purchases:

(1) visa
(2) mastercard
(3) american express
(4) jcb
(5) discover
(6) paypal
(7) bitcoin

Please note that your billing address must match the address on your credit card statement. At this time, we do not accept Micronzone gift cards.

If payment is not accepted online, please contact your bank for approval of your transaction or select an alternate form of payment. Please note that your billing address, phone number, and email must match the information on your credit card statement.


Where We Ship

We currently do not ship to Iran, Sudan, Cuba, Syria, North Korea and Uganda.

Fees & Shipping Cost

Because Micronzone sells digital goods, there are no commissions and shipping fees.


Taxes may be incurred by state or country. In this case, you will be guided separately in the ordering process.


You can change to 5 major currencies from the top right hand side of the store to shop. Actual charges will be in USD.

US and Korea Store

You can change your country from the menu at the top right of the store. We currently support US and Korean stores and will support other countries as well.


Have a question we have not answered?

Due to high call volumes, we advise you to email us or leave us a voicemail, to which we will reply as soon as possible. For any inquiries related to products or online orders please contact us at +82 10 4609-2468 or via email at Please note we are available Monday-Friday from 8AM-10PM(EST) and Saturday 9AM-10PM(EST), excluding holidays. For existing orders, please include your order number and a callback phone number. For product inquiries, please include the product names and options if applicable.

As explained in the privacy policy, you may unsubscribe at any time to withdraw your consent to receive Micronzone electronic communication.

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